3700 Vidin
13, Tsar Simeon Veliki Str. 
tel. 094/ 601710 - director
tel. 094/ 601707 - curators
e-mail: museumvd@mail.bg

Town history museum is one of the oldest scientific and cultural institutions in Vidin, important society centre engaged in keeping, scientific processing and popularizing the cultural and historic values.

The foundations of the museum activity in Vidin region were laid in 1910 when the Archaeological Society was  established and the first museum collection was arranged.  When the wars from the mid 20-ties of the 20th century were over Bononia Archaeological Society activated its collecting activity and under the guidance of the teacher Vasil Atanasov arranged an exposition of numismatic materials and Bulgarian embroideries in the old Turkish post-office building.

Vidin history museum has strengthened its positions in the national museum network by its successfully arranged museum expositions, structuring of the departments and achievements in the science and research domain. 

The museums boasts a well built-up and complete structure corresponding to its general history profile: 

    • Archaeology  (departments Pre-history, Antiquity and Middle Age)  - the rich exposition of the department is located in the restored building of Konaka  (1977).

    • Numismatics - over 30 thousand coins.

    • Ethnography - the exposition has been located in Krastata Kazarma (the "cross-shaped barracks") since 1969.

    • Bulgarian Lands  15th-19th centuries - the exposition is located in Konaka (Old Turkish Police Station).

    • Modern History

    • Recent History

    • Public Relations 

The library fond of the museum has over 4600 volumes and serves the museum experts as well as many citizens, students, etc. 

Highly qualified staff - historians and philologists take care of the museum funds, preserving over 63 thousand exhibits.

West-European silver coins (taler) - Vidin, 16th-17th century.

Hairpins "filigree" early 19th century from the fund of Ethnography department, early 20th century

Ratsiaria Gold Treasure ,
2nd-4th century.

 Roman sarcophagus from Ratsiaria  - 2nd  century.